The Crowded House is a small church located in the city of Tustin, California.  We are seeking to multiply through a network of Missional Communities scattered throughout the OC, and in partnership with other local, national, and global expressions of the church committed to gospel saturation.

We believe the Church is not another sub-culture, but the making of a new humanity.  It's not a building or a weekend activity, but a people.  We strive to live out the Gospel in our city throughout the week, then gather each weekend as a collection of Missional Communities.  We want to partner with God in his relentless pursuit to put the world to rights.  Our prayer is as Jesus prayed, that God’s will would be done in Tustin as it is in Heaven.

We are not trying to emulate what other churches are doing because there is no need to reproduce the programs and ministries that other churches are doing better than we could ever hope to.  There are many great churches in Orange County, and TCH will not be for everybody.  But we invite you to learn a bit about us because we are excited that you might consider us to play a role in your life and that you might play a role in our community.  We want to make sure that this is the right place for you so we'd love to get together and chat over a coffee or a meal so that we can meet you and listen to your story and then tell you more about ours.

About Us



We are children of God who care for each other as a family.



We are servants of Jesus who serve Him by serving others.



We are sent by the Spirit to restore all things to God through Jesus Christ.


People explore the church for many reasons.  Maybe you’re curious, or skeptical, or you’ve stumbled across us and want to know more.  Maybe you’re interested in Missional Communities, or church as a family seeking to serve and love the world.  Perhaps you're looking for a local expression of the church in the city of Tustin.  Or maybe you’re just looking for a fresh start and a new beginning.


The Church Must Worship Jesus

Above all else, we at TCH are about Jesus. Everyone worships something.  We worship what we treasure, what we value most.  As believers, we worship Jesus because He is the only One truly worthy of such a high level of devotion and affection. “…In Him, the fullness of God dwells in bodily form.”(Colossians 2:9)

Worshipping Jesus is the cornerstone of our church.  If God is calling you to come on mission with us, He’s calling you first and foremost to be a worshipper of Him.

The Church Should Live in Community

Living in community is the biblical model we see throughout Scripture, first in the Trinity and later in the Church.  Living in Community for the glory of God is one of our best arguments for Jesus among our unbelieving friends and family.

God created us to live in community, and we most effectively live out our mission as the family of God, together.

The Church Must Make Disciples

To make disciples literally means “to make learners.”  We see what it means to make disciples from The Great Commission in Matthew 28:18–20 and in Acts 1:8.  We must live on mission personally, locally and globally, to make much of Jesus and bring Him glory.

The Church Exists to Serve and Love the World

In the Biblical story, God is always looking for cooperative participants to join him in his work in the world.  God connects those who open their hearts to Him together into a community that is shaped by His character and mission.

Jesus of Nazareth is the full and final picture of what God is like and what God seeks to do in the world.  So we are committed to be a Jesus-shaped community that represents Jesus well in culture.

This means that we see the church as not a refuge from the world, or a hospital for saints, but rather as an expression of God’s commitment to show outrageous love and lavish grace to those who feel far away from him.  The orientation of the church is outward towards the world, not inward, towards itself. We refuse to stuff our calendars full of church activity, so that we may continue to be good neighbors, co-workers, and friends.

The Church Lives Life with Gospel Intentionality

We don’t see church as a building you go to, rather, we see ourselves as the church living normal life with Gospel intentionality.

We live in a world of constant struggle: good vs. evil, clean vs. dirty, broken vs. whole.  Rather than pretend like this tension doesn’t exist, we want to live in the place where heaven and earth meet, the place where the people of earth find themselves every day.  It’s not tidy. People are wounded.  But they are also generous and faithful.  Inspired by the glimpses of glory, we wade through the difficulties because we have a promise in the future.  This is what Jesus meant when he taught us how to pray, “on Earth as it is in Heaven.”

The Church Should Be Radically Hospitable

One of the most controversial aspects of Jesus’ ministry was his willingness to share meals with outcasts, sinners, and the marginalized.  Sharing a meal with someone in Jesus’ day was considered a form of acceptance and social approval.  This was called table fellowship, and used by Jesus to manifest the open and expansive nature of his movement.

The practice of table fellowship is, for us, the most important picture of how we relate to the world around us: practicing radical hospitality, committed to countercultural friendship, and embodying extravagant grace.

It was in this context that the people who encountered Jesus were transformed.

We believe that transformation still takes place today.