The primary way we scatter is through Missional Communities, which we define as “a family of servant missionaries”.  It’s where we live as brothers and sisters, eating, praying, and doing life together.  It’s also where we join in Jesus’ kingdom work in our neighborhoods, workplaces, and city.  And finally it’s where we grow in our discipleship to Jesus himself.

About Us



Missional Communities “do life” together.  We share meals, resources, pain, joy, and care for one another as the family of God.



Missional Communities pursue active ways to publicly live out our faith and share the gospel and tangibly embody the kingdom of God in our communities.  This is often centered around a common mission (a local school, a specific business / organization, foster care, etc.) or a general neighborhood area.



Missional Communities actively serve and love the world by living on mission personally, locally and globally, to make much of Jesus, bring Him glory and make disciples of Him.


Every missional community identifies a group of people whom they believe God is sending them to love, serve, and share Jesus with.  It could be a neighborhood or network of relationships.  Some choose to love and serve local schools, while others will identify people they already are in regular relationship with.  We want to see every aspect of our city blessed by God's people: business, arts, education, sports, recreation, and social services.